Brown Bear Bean Bags

We love Brown Bear and his colorful friends. When I saw this fabric panel, I knew we needed to make some bean bags.


There are several tutorials out there from better sewists than me on how to make bean bags. Also, a great photo of how to make an invisible seam from a juggler. What makes my bean bags different is that I cut along the squares and matched them up so that both sides had the same image. The one exception to this rule was Brown Bear himself – I went with the front and back cover images because the bear butt is adorable! I filled them with the cheapest light colored lentil I found at the Indian grocery, which is a great place to get cheap spices too. (We used turmeric for our Easter eggs this year, and it was a big hit!)

I used one of the leftover Brown Bears as an applique on a onesie for a friend’s newborn. Again, there are better tutorials out there than I could make. I also attempted to fix a stained shirt by sewing on the extra Blue Horse, and learned why fusible web is so important.

Another thing you could do with this fabric is make a memory game. Just get another fabric to use as backing, and make two of each animal.

Brown Bear Bean Bags

Goose loves throwing, stacking, and stepping along the bean bags. It’s a great way to make the book come alive. What else would you make with this fabric? Share your ideas in the comments.


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